Let the Demolition Begin

Hi All

Just a quick note to let you know that I will be a bit absent over the next week or two - demolition starts on our one and only bathroom on Monday, and work will be speedy to fit in with my wonderful parent's visit to help (all the way from Perth). Dad's a builder, so I am very much relying on his instruction, knowledge and old-school builder attitude of getting in there and doing it right. I will hopefully have time to take lots of pictures and put together a before-and-after piece once it’s finished. Since I've put it in writing now, I really hope that it turns out great!

Hopefully with the parents over I might also get a little babysitting and have time to put together another post or two - bonus!

Until then, hope you have a happy and colourful weekend.

xo Romona

PS. Stay tuned to my Instagram for occasional progress updates

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