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Sorry for the mega delay in posts! I have finally painted my laundry-slash-office and my computer was hidden under dust and splatter sheets. The room was in desperate need of a mini makeover, covering up the patchwork walls and ceiling, and brightening from a dull yellowed cream to the now beautiful and bright white (FYI Dulux Lexicon Half on walls and Vivid White to ceiling).

For some insane reason, I forgot to take ‘before’ shots, so had to trawl through my databases for some random shots of the ‘back room’ aka Laundry aka office aka crap-dumping-space. Unfortunately the only before pics I could find show just how much crap normally surrounded me in the office space, but fortunately the tidy-up pre- and post-painting make the overhaul look like much more than it was.

Before and After | Home office update on the RSD Blog | #renovation #diy #home #office
{Office before and after}

I had a bit of fun with Washi tape (and more since) after deciding against painting a decorative element and not being able to find a decal I liked. The basic tutorial for the washi tape jewel idea on the door was from Objects & Use. I’m waiting for more washi colours and patterns from etsy to go even crazier.

Luckily it is easily removed and repositioned. It is also the exact right dimension to cover the dividers on my Ikea bookshelf so I can keep changing its look with every whim. Yes, it has already changed from this picture yesterday after a quick stop at Typo today!

Before and After | Laundry update on the RSD Blog | #renovation #diy #laundry
{Laundry before and after}

I really want to enclose this into a European laundry format, behind closed doors, both so I don’t have to see the appliances and utilities and so I can ignore the continuously growing pile of washing that a family builds on a daily basis. Line of sight to the laundry pile is just another thing that adds to the mummy-guilt when trying to work from home. I’m sure you agree. Now the only things left are new light covers, to replace the tired, old vinyl flooring and a few more soft furnishings to make the space feel a little less clinical but otherwise I think this will be much easier to work in (if I can keep it this clean!)

On a totally separate side note, have you seen the online Adore Home magazine before? It is an indulgent dive into all things home, lifestyle and design, and bonus, it's always free for the latest issue! Great for a quick flip through on your desktop or tablet, with the benefit of direct online access to the products on display. Dangerous, I know! I love seeing the top trend picks from fellow (and much more well-known) design bloggers out there.

The creative star behind the mag, designer Loni Parker, is also endeavouring to create an Adore Home coffee table book, through the awesome site Pozible. In case you are not familiar with it, it works by accepting various pledges for book copies or launch party invites, and when the total goal is reached, the project can go ahead. If the target is not reached, then the project cannot go ahead, and you won't be charged for your pledge. There are only a few days left to pledge for your copy, please get on there so this can get the go ahead, and so I can get a copy for myself too Winking

I would love to hear what you think of my quick and cheap update, and if you have done (or need to do) something similar yourself. It’s worth the time and effort. Good luck!

xo Romona

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