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A creative spokesperson for the Design Industry in Australia, Simone LeAmon has contributed continuously to publications, run creative masterclasses and lectures, and been involved with Launch Pad, JamFactory and too-many-to-name exhibitions. Ever-present in the publishing world, Simone writes for InDesign (Aust), is editor-at-large for sharing news of the Australian design and manufacturing sector, as well as lecturing across the disciplines of fine-art, craft and design.

Her literary contributions are a great read. Simone explores What is the Price of Creativity? And How Do We Value The Future of Australian Design? addressing succinctly the report Do You Really Expect To Get Paid? by economists David Throsby and Anita Zednik. Another piece by Simone in Indesign magazine explores What it is to be ‘Australian-Made’. Links to her other articles can be found on the webpage.

A true multi-disciplinarian, she has excelled in design in many forms - furniture, jewellery, product design, lighting, artworks, events, interior design and more. Here are a few of my favourite pieces of hers.

Named after the insect species, the Lepidoptera chair takes it form from studies of the anatomy of butterflies wings, folding fabric salvaged from automotive textile remnants. Bright, stylish and beautiful - both Simone and the chair!

Lepidoptera chair by Simone LeAmon, using Automotive textile remnants | More on the RSD Blog
{Lepidoptera chair, using Automotive textile remnants}

The Ricotta floor lamp is evocative of the making process of its namesake. Uniform lines and bright chartreuse powder coated steel make this an elegant and modern statement piece.

Ricotta Floor Lamp, Simone LeAmon for Rakumba Lighting | more on the RSD Blog
{Ricotta Floor Lamp, Simone LeAmon for Rakumba Lighting}

I am a sucker for statement jewellery. Anyone who knows me, knows that. You can never be too fat or skinny, too short or tall, too dark or light, for stunning high-impact jewellery. LeAmon’s Limited Over pieces are sleek and sculptural, crafted from Bronze and 316 Stainless Steel wax castings of her original Bowling Arm jewellery. The originals used leather waste from cricket balls. The two pieces in the collection, Grubber and Popper, are each named after a different bowling style in the game. I would have to defer to my husband to get any more information on that, or maybe consult with our old Test Match game.

Grubber Limited Over bangle by Simone LeAmon | More on the RSD Blog Limited Over bangle by Simone LeAmon | More on the RSD Blog
{Limited Over, Grubber (left) and Popper (right) special edition jewellery in bronze and stainless steel}

Grubber Limited Over bangle in Stainless Steel by Simone LeAmon | More on the RSD Blog
{Limited Over, Grubber special edition jewellery in 316 stainless steel}

Hope you enjoyed the second Spotlight on Australian Designers. I hope to bring you more soon - it’s a long list of lovelies!
Who are some Australian designers that you love or have influenced you in some way?

xo Romona

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